NCNA Journal

journalcoverThe NCNA Journal is designed to keep members updated with current coin club news around the state and information relevant to the numismatic community nationwide. From educational articles to a calendar of regional coin shows, the NCNA Journal is North Carolina's source for news of current numismatic events. Below, you are able to view new issues of the Journal in full color!


2016 Issues

(2016 Issue 4)
(2016 Issue 3)
(2016 Issue 2)
(2016 Issue 1)

2015 Issues

Fall (2015 Issue 4)
Summer (2015 Issue 3)
Spring (2015 Issue 2)
Winter (2015 Issue 1)

2014 Issues

January-March (2014 Issue 1)
April-June (2014 Issue 2)
July-October (2014 Issue 3)
November-December (2014 Issue 4)

2013 Issues

Spring (First Issue)
Summer Issue
Convention Celebration Issue
December Issue

2012 Issues

October - December (Fall Issue)


The NCNA thanks the authors that contribute so graciously to our Journal.
We are digitizing the Journal and the following authors works are completed: